The Eviction Season Has Begun

If during the pandemic the evictions were interrupted, bureaucrats and justice officials worked hard so that, as soon as they were allowed, they could evict people from their homes. In Timisoara, Romania, two forced evictions threw dozens of people into the streets as soon as the restriction on evictions was lifted.

On May 15, immediately after the end of the state of emergency, 6 families were evacuated from a building located in the area of Traian Square. Shortly after the purchase of the building, the new owners forced tenants to leave their homes within just one day, despite having lived there for 10 years. The eviction was carried out by the local police, without having the necessary judicial decision. The evacuees had no alternative, even though amongst them there were children and elderly.                           

And on June 12, at 6:00 am, in the Torontalului neighborhood, also in Timisoara, a community of about 10 people was violently evicted. People were given no alternative or support; they were simply thrown out on the street. The 11 police cars were intimidating and threatening, destroying tenants’ shelters.

The Torontalului community has lived there for 4 years. After the land was privatized, their situation became fragile and they could have been thrown out at any time. During the pandemic, threats and insults were directed at them, people being put in a position to find an alternative on their own, at a time when it was impossible to go out on the streets.

Images before and after the destruction of the community neighborhood in Torontalului




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